Sunday, 20 April 2014

 So at last my first room is finished!
I was really pleased how the wardrobes have turned out.
Even though I cannot reach all of them as they are behind the bed
I can keep all my out of season clothes and usual stuff we can't get rid of but never use behind there.
The rest of them are easy to get to and actually don't look like wardrobes. 
I have Ashley my Carpenter to thank for a fantastic job.
I needed a statement light and I think my favourite light a French Chandelier
(which has moved to many houses I won't ever get rid of it!)
looks great.
I hope you like what I've done and now onto the next room...
Can't wait.

 I can watch telly from the bath!

 EnSuite all finished

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A dilemma that many of us face when converting the loft.
I had a chimney breast that could not be removed
and sloping ceilings on all four walls 
I wasn't sure how to add loads of clothes storage that I needed.
So I decided to put wardrobes right across one wall
that would be shallower in front of the chimney breast
as you can see on the left of the picture.
This disguises it and gives me some extra shoe storage in front of it.
The wardrobes have been made bespoke with MDF to fit the sloping walls.

I was originally going to cover them in a white brick or distressed floor board wall paper
with push catches.
It worked out really tricky though to get the cuts right and could have looked a mess!
Instead I've decided to go for a thick piece of MDF down all the edges of the  doors 
and added an extra one to the centres.
This solves 2 problems at once:
It disguises the vertical lines and I have cheap door handles that don't look like handles! 
This is the pieces of wood just resting against the wardrobes to see what it looked like.
Will show you them finished in a couple of days.
As you can see my cheap wood floor is in and has been painted on the edges already before laying.
This is so when the wood shrinks you will see a painted edge and not plain board.
I'm can't wait to see when they are painted which hopefully is very soon!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bannisters are in.

I am really pleased with the spindles.
I wanted to get something quite plain and not twiddly.
Knotting solution has gone on ready to be undercoated.

I managed to squeeze an extra bit of storage under the stairs.
I will have to access it from the next flight down but I thought great for things not used much.
I can't believe how much light is in the hallway now.
The Velux window floods it with light.
I would highly recommend the architect. I think he did a great job.

Plastering Done

Apologies for leaving a big gap from my last post.
Things are coming along apace now.
All the plastering has been done 

Radiators have been put roughly where they will be plumbed in.
I get mine from a company called Castrads.
You get the old fashioned look without the hassle. 
 And being new they don't  mess up your boiler like reconditioned ones.

I have the dilemma of deciding how to disguise the chimney breast in the room.
It services my lounge downstairs so it can't go.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Things are looking more interesting at the Church loft.
The plasterboard has gone in for the bathroom and entrance.
Which gives me much more of a feel for the space.

I have inherited this lovely storage cupboard from my aunt.
The dark wood was not really my taste.
So I painted it and it started off in the hallway of my last house.

I don't want to go out and pay for a new cupboard to put my sink on in the bathroom so it's going to be reinvented.
I put it in situ this morning and you can see the idea.
The plumber has started putting in the pipes for the taps and I am going to add some pretty tiles behind it.
Not only will I have happy memories of my aunt but it will be a really practical storage for all that stuff we girls have
in the bathroom! I am thinking I might paint it a vintage pink colour. I haven't decided yet...

Saturday, 25 January 2014

My stairs have gone in which was really exciting to walk up the first time. No more going up the ladder outside the front of the house. It feels like a proper room now.
Need to choose the spindles next.

The window went in yesterday which has brought so much more light in.
The freestanding bath will be in front of the window.
Will show some of my bathroom and bath ideas tomorrow.

Friday, 24 January 2014

My sheets are old and had it with holes and mud stains from my dogs jumping on the bed 
(No they are not allowed to but somehow seem to find the opportunity when I'm not looking)!
Having a browse around the Web last night I found these gorgeous sheets on Loaf's Website.
Think they will be just the right look I am after for my bedroom in the loft.
Now I have got to justify this amount of money on sheets....

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My first post! I have started in the loft as at the moment we only have 2 bedrooms plus a box room which is way too small for a teenager with enough electrical equipment to fill Curry's!
The guys doing the job are racing along. They only started on the 6th January and already the stairs went in today which was very exciting. I am playing catch up as I didn't know it would take shape so quickly. So I'm putting in an order for the bathroom tomorrow. I've also been having a look round at tiles and really liking the mismatched look.
I've put a couple of pics of the loft from this week and will share tomorrow some initial ideas on the look I am after.

      The chimney breast has been removed that is not in use to make more room.

                             This is where the dormer window will be with hopefully a view of the sea!