Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My first post! I have started in the loft as at the moment we only have 2 bedrooms plus a box room which is way too small for a teenager with enough electrical equipment to fill Curry's!
The guys doing the job are racing along. They only started on the 6th January and already the stairs went in today which was very exciting. I am playing catch up as I didn't know it would take shape so quickly. So I'm putting in an order for the bathroom tomorrow. I've also been having a look round at tiles and really liking the mismatched look.
I've put a couple of pics of the loft from this week and will share tomorrow some initial ideas on the look I am after.

      The chimney breast has been removed that is not in use to make more room.

                             This is where the dormer window will be with hopefully a view of the sea!

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