Thursday, 5 December 2013

Let's start at the beginning!

Would it be a good idea to start a blog? I've bought a house that has parts that have not been renovated for 50 years and other bits which really are not my style. Well I thought to myself get into the 21st Century Paula Church and give it a go! I'm really doing this blog for myself almost like a diary renovating my forever house and hopefully making it into a something a lot more attractive, sharing along the way how I am going to go about it will maybe interest some of you who would like to know how I have achieved it. I don't have bucket loads of money to throw at it a small budget that has got to stretch very very far! Period houses were always my thing but with a new change in circumstances I find myself with a 1960's house without character. How am I going to inject personality without making it look twee? Follow my blog and please comment it would be lovely to share your own projects too. So that's me explained I will post some pictures of the property inside and over the next six months I will update you on the progress. So here goes...

This picture above is of the lounge /dining room.


The dining room section with a nasty conservatory tagged on the back
Below the hallway looking through to the kitchen
     That pink carpet has got to go!


  1. Looking forward to seeing it come together with your magic touch! J x

  2. Very exciting- Good luck- I know you'll make it look wonderful! The fireplace looks good in the photo. Are you keeping that? Can we see the progress in the attic? x